In-home Dog Training

in-home dog training for your puppy

Do you have a new puppy and need help with housebreaking, chewing and mouthing?

Do you want to teach your dog to be well behaved so you can spend more time together?

Do you have to hide your dog when guests come?

Does your dog pull on the leash, jump on guests, chew, counter-surf, have “accidents”, bolt out of doors, run away, act aggressively, “help” you drive?

in-home dog training for baic obedieinceDo you have a rescue dog and are dealing with fearfulness, insecurity, or a lack of social skills?

We Can Help!

We’ve been doing private in-home dog training in and around the Farmington Valley for 25 years. We’ve taught thousands of people to train their dogs and we can help you too. Our thoughtful practices yield outstanding results for basic manners, reliable obedience, behavior problems and off-leash control. Our rates are reasonable too. Give us a call at (860) 673-4818. We’d love to talk to you about your dog.

in-home dog training

Private In-home Dog Training

Call Stoddard or Linda at 860-673-4818.

Best Testimonial Ever!


Although this testimonial is too long to include the whole thing on our testimonials page, it sums up better than any we’ve ever received the kind of experience we want to provide for each of our clients.

Best testimonial ever


“Nick and I rescued Macy, a four year old Lab/Bloodhound Mix, in December 2015. She is a super sweet dog and we absolutely love her but faced some challenges with training. We were first time dog owners and wanted to ensure that we were doing everything the right way. We wanted to do private training with Macy rather than a group class because she would get very distracted and excited around people and other dogs and we wanted to ensure that she would be able to focus. After lots of online research we found Teacher’s Pet, they had wonderful reviews and a lot of experience. We called to inquire about their training services, I spoke to Linda and she was extremely helpful. We talked for a while about Macy and what we were looking to gain from the training; she explained the different levels of training and packages that were offered. We both agreed that we would start with the 5 class leash training and work our way up from there. We scheduled our first training session with Stoddard, we were very excited! He arrived on time and was very personable; he came in our home and spent time getting to know us and Macy as well as our struggles with her all while taking very detailed notes. Macy absolutely loved him which was a plus and made the training much easier! Stoddard had each training well planned out and was cognizant of the time. Each training session built on the previous one and we learned new techniques each week. At the end of each training session Stoddard provided us a very detailed print out of everything we had learned that day and would tell us what to work on for the next session. Stoddard was great with Macy, he was very patient and kind which made her trust him and listen to him. He would always show us what he wanted us to do and then have us do it. While we were practicing he would make sure to point out things we were doing right and things we needed to adjust which was great. We are both so glad we chose Teacher’s Pet for our training; they are very reasonably priced and provide amazing training. Macy has  improved so much, when we first got her she would pull on the leash and run at every distraction which made walking her a bit challenging. After 5 sessions with Stoddard and lots of practice she is now walking right next to us and distractions barely phase her which makes walking her so much  more enjoyable. Not only did Stoddard help with leash walking but he also provided great tips for challenges we were facing indoors as well such as Macy jumping on our bed. We used his tips and techniques for a few days and she hasn’t jumped on our bed since!! We are so thankful that we found Stoddard at Teacher’s Pet, he was so great and we would highly recommend him to anyone in need of training at any level. We look forward to hopefully continuing our training soon!!”

Nick and Erica, Farmington, CT

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