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Do you have a new puppy and need help with housebreaking, chewing and mouthing?

Do you want to teach your dog to be well behaved so you can spend more time together?

Do you have to hide your dog when guests come?

Does your dog pull on the leash, jump on guests, chew, counter-surf, have “accidents”, bolt out of doors, run away, act aggressively, “help” you drive?

cropped white shepherdDo you have a rescue dog and are dealing with fearfulness, insecurity, or a lack of social skills?

We Can Help!

We’ve been doing Private In-home Dog Training in and around the Farmington Valley for 25 years. We’ve taught thousands of people to train their dogs and we can help you too. Our thoughtful practices yield outstanding results for basic manners, reliable obedience, behavior problems and off-leash control. Our rates are reasonable too. Give us a call at (860) 673-4818. We’d love to talk to you about your dog.


Private In-home Dog Training

Call Stoddard or Linda at 860-673-4818.

Armchair Dog Training
armchair dog training

Armchair dog training!

Over the years our dog training business has changed and grown in response to our customers’ needs. When we first started Teacher’s Pet in 1991 we had an indoor training studio in Newington. Before long we realized that most of our clients preferred to learn dog training at their homes, so we gave up the Newington space. About that time we moved from West Hartford to Avon, so our dog training services became centered in and around the Farmington Valley where we now live.

Initially, we saw our clients once a week but it became apparent that most people wanted more time to do their homework. We began recommending a two- week interval between sessions and soon saw that people were getting more out of each session. That’s good! One day a client asked if she could save some money by buying a block of sessions at once rather than paying each time, and so we started offering packages geared toward the goals of our clients. Some people still purchase individual sessions, but most prefer the savings that the packages offer.

Lately we’ve noticed another trend. Even though it is not a service we’ve advertised, more people are asking us to do the training for them. Although we really enjoy teaching clients to do the training themselves, the reality is that many are just too busy. So here’s how armchair dog training works: we come in three times per week and work your dog(s)* for you. It’s a little like having a dog-walker only your dog actually gets trained in the process. Each visit we spend about an hour and work your dog two times with a rest in between.

Because we’ve trained literally thousands of dogs over the past 25 years, we can accomplish in a week what it usually takes two weeks for our clients to do. So in five weeks (15 visits) we can do the abbreviated on-leash training or the equivalent of a five-session block if you did the training yourself. In seven weeks we can do the basic on-leash training. And in 15 weeks we can have your dog working reliably off-leash.

Armchair dog training does not get you off the hook entirely because we still need to teach you how to maintain what we’ve taught your dog. Dog training is a bit like learning a foreign language in that you either use what you’ve learned or it goes away. Because of this we like to have you participate in the dog’s training, once each week if possible. That way you’ll begin to develop the habit of reinforcing what we’re teaching your dog. Give us a call at (860) 673-4818 and let’s talk about what might work best for your situation.

*If you are a two-dog family we can work both dogs when we come, but it may take a little longer than if we can concentrate on just one.

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